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30" Double Self Clean Convection Wall Oven

Model: JMW2430LL
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JennAir 30" Built-In Electric Convection Microwave/Wall Oven 

  • MultiMode Convection System- Steady heat is circulated by whirling metal blades, weaving around every flat line. Wield your cooking prowess from marbled meats to succulent roasts.
  • My Creations- Curate recipe presents at will. Bake for 30 minutes, broil for 4 and keep dishes warm until you're ready to dine- all without lifting a finger.
  • Jet Black Oven Interior- Captivation cloaked in black. Beyond a dark glass expanse, cinematic lighting illuminates smooth racks, flat tines, and an enticiing jet black interior.
  • 4.3-Inch Full Color LCD Display- A highly interactive, full-color LCD touchscreen is packed with dynamic features that allow you to navigate effortlessly through settings and cooking options including temperature and cooking mode.
  • Convection & Microwave Combination Cooking- Let your appetite run wild- broil, bake or warm with convection and microwave energy.
  • Cinematic Lighting- Lights, camera, cook. Halogen lighting increases to full intensity, minimizing shadows and dramatically showcasing food.
  • Stainless Steel Micowave Interior- Wrapped in luminous steel, insrisnic beauty is reflected in every corner.
  • 5.0 cu. Oven Capacity- Big on entertaining. Generous capacity to cook multipple dishes at once.
  • 1.4 cu. ft. Microwave Capacity- Explore your options. There's room for whatever you're craving.
  • Closed Door Broiling- Turn up the heat behind closed doors. Carmelized crust. Delicate char. Tender center. High, even heat with outstanding ventilation means you can sear fearlessly. And without opening the door.
  • Versatile Cooking Modes- Uncompromising results, untroubles process. Automatically convection cook by food type, or manually select convection modes by cooking method. Take the guesswork out of convection cooking with automatic temperature and time conversions. Get even more versatile: No Preheat mode lets you bake on a single rack without the wait. Dough rises quickly and evenly with Proofing mode, and the Keep Warm setting lets you serve your entire menu at the same time.
  • Temperature Probe- Know when dinner is done without ever opening the door. 4 points of contact deliver temperature readings visible on LCD screen.
  • 3,200-Watt Convection Element- Power, controlled. Evenly bake breads and cook main dishes in a controlled environment powered by this 3,200-watt convection element.
  • 2,800-Watt Hidden Bake Element- Unleash hidden power. This 2,800-watt bake element is concealed beneath the oven floor, providing even heat and a smooth surface that is easy to clean.
  • 4,000-Watt Broil Element- Tap into high-watt, even heat designed to broil meats with this 4,000-watt element for savory, caramelized crust.
  • 8-Pass Reflective Boil Element- Maximum coverage. Even heat distribution. Beneath a stainless steel broil plate, this element radiates heat back onto cookware and food.
  • 1,200-Watt Convection Element- This 1,200-watt element surrounds your cravings with circulating, consistent heat until bakes to your satisfaction.
  • 900-Watt Microwave- Harness 900 watts of microwave energy to rapidly cook and reheat a variety of foods.
  • Speed-Cook- Renounce accepted limitations of the microwave. Three potent methods converge to deliver convection's steady heat, microwave speed and broiled caramelization in each oven-caliber bite.
  • Sensor Cooking- An intuitive sensor reponds to humidity levels, altering time and power for results that aim to please.
  • Soften/Melt Cycle- Ribbons of molten chocolate. Butter that yeilds to your knife. Melt and soften with delicate heat that ignites passionate appetites.
  • Keep Warm Option- Reward Anticipation. Low heat keeps tempting dishes ready and waiting for the right moment.
  • Auto Convection Conversion and Modes- Bake and abandon. The oven automatically converts temperature and cook time to make any recipe a convection recipe. Savor taste that leaves you wanting more. Choose your food type, and temoerature and airflow automatically adjusts for baking, broiling or roasting.
  • Manual Convection Modes- Select from presets like Convect bake, Convect Roast and Convect Broil to let the cooking method guide you.
  • Rapid Preheat- Reduce preheat time in the lower oven while baking on up to two oven racks.
  • Proofing Option- Tame the tempermental. Low consistent heat protects dough from temperature swings for an even, rapid rise.
  • Control Lock- Control Lock prevents unintended use of the oven and ensures complete, simple cleaning of the controls.
  • Sabbath Mode- Select this function to bypass the oven's automatic shutoff when observing the Sabbath and other religious holidays.
  • 1.600-Watt Grill Element- Indulge in tastes and textures unattainable with microwave technology alone. Working together with the crisp pan, this element grills, toasts, and browns.
  • Crisp Pan- Revel in your desire for foods crisped and browned to your liking with a special crisp pan that works with microwave energy and the broil element.
Feature Value
FingerPrint Resistant Finish/Smudge-Proof No
ADA Compliant No
Color Stainless
Oven Window Yes
Wall Oven Fuel Type Electric
Wall Oven Style Double
Wall Oven Convection Yes
Wall Oven Sabbath Mode Yes
Self Clean Yes
Light Yes
Wall Oven Number of Racks 3
Wall Oven Width 30
Height 43.750
Depth 23.250
Width 30
Double Wall Oven Capacity 6.4
Wi-Fi Enabled No
GTIN 883049610283
Web Title Rise 30 Inch Combination Microwave/Wall Oven
Shipping Weight 180
Carton Height 47.750
Carton Length 27.250
Carton Width 34